eLearning Localization Services

The world’s leading eLearning platforms specialize in delivering online learning materials to hundreds of thousands of students around the world. They need extremely accurate translations of enormous quantities of written content in a range of languages. We’re here to provide it.

eLearning Translation Specialists

We are specialists in eLearning translation. We can provide your business with an outsourced eLearning translation service. By choosing our services you can translate a full range of language and multimedia services. We can help you to deliver educational instruction and content to employees, end-users, and customers around the world.
Don’t spend a large amount of money employing an eLearning translator for each language you communicate in. Businesses can use our LMS translation services to provide a high quality customized solution. It’s easy and fast to commission us to translate large volumes of information for your business.
Alongside deep and detailed, fully customized turnkey solutions we’re able to support your translation goals by delivering on-demand research. We don’t only provide our services in a single format.

We can localize your eLearning content in the source format or any other format including Storyline, Lectoria, Captivate, XML, HTML5 or bespoke file formats! We can even export a SCORM package with the completed course to load on your LMS (Learning Management System) or Platform.

Why choose us as an eLearning translation service?

Here are a few reasons to choose us:
• Our LMS translation services are fast and fully customizable to your needs
• Our solution is scalable, so you don’t need to hire new staff and you can do a large translation project, then return to us later for ad-hoc help
• We cover all languages and we have proven expertise in the eLearning translation sector
• We can offer a full multimedia suite of translation services including: translation,
typesetting, website localization, the localization of marketing materials, translated sales materials and your educational content itself.

Learn how our cutting-edge, hybrid MT and human translation services could make your eLearning translations a breeze. We have a way with words.