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Reliable transcription services for medical, legal, corporate, academic, and personal use.

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Our team of transcription managers and typists is dedicated to your success. We provide high-quality and efficient, Reliable transcription services for business all your needs. We understand that confidential discussions and documents are essential to you. This is why we guarantee 100% confidentiality.We have a proven track record of providing high-quality transcripts at friendly prices. We’re large enough to handle your bulkiest projects yet small enough to pay attention to the tiniest details.

Get End-to-End Transcription Services


100% Human-Generated Transcriptions

Cheap speech recognition software often delivers poor quality transcriptions. With our transcription service, every word is generated by a professional typist for unmatched accuracy.

Rapid Turnaround

Need a file quickly transcribed? We can offer up to a 24-hour turnaround time when the complexity and length allow it. Talk to us today.

99% Accuracy

Our team consists of the most talented, experienced, and educated transcriptionists and editors. Your transcripts will go through several quality control stages to ensure accurate transcripts

Dedicated Account Management

A dedicated manager handles your project. They’re always ready to answer any concerns you might have throughout your project.

Multilingual Transcription

We offer English and multiple foreign language transcription services. From market research interviews to documentary footage,you can count on us as your go-to multilingual transcription partner.

Types of Transcription Services We Offer


Clean Transcription: This requires the omission of unnecessary filler such as “hmmm,” “you know,” and “uh.”

Verbatim Transcription: Every word, garbled sentence, and grammatical error is transcribed as heard in the original recording.

Semi-Verbatim Transcription: Dialogue is transcribed as heard in the recording except for “umms” and “errs”.

Guaranteed Accuracy with Our 3-Step Process



We divide your files into sections and assign them to our transcriptionists for speed and efficiency.


Draft transcripts will go through editing, and then timestamps and speaker tracking added.

Quality Check

Our QA team will proofread the transcript to ensure accuracy and timely delivery.

How Much Does Our Transcription Services Cost?


Turnaround Time: How quickly do you need the transcribed file?

Timestamping: Do you need time notation and if so, at what intervals?

Recording Length: How long is the audio or video source?

Language: What languages are in the audio or video source? Will the source and transcribed file be in different languages?

Clarity: Is the speaker(s) understandable? Do they have a heavy accent? Is there a noise that interferes with the clarity? Does the video/audio have good recording quality?

Captioning: Do you need the video captioned?

Format: Do you need a clean, verbatim, or semi-verbatim transcript?

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