Ensuring the highest quality translations by manually editing MT (Machine Translated) documents


Whatever your business, the accuracy of your communications is vital. In the past, machine translation services may not have had a sparkling reputation.

They came under fire for lacking clarity, conciseness or flair. That meant a lot of companies spent enormous budgets on translation projects. Those projects required huge volumes of translators to be hired. Then, those professionals worked painstakingly for hundreds of man hours. Now, things are changing and we are at the forefront of that change.

Unlock your international business potential with fast, accurate translation

The key to unlocking the benefits of AI translation was to create a hybrid model. Our technique is high-tech but it still includes human editors. Translation professionals can ensure the AI translated content is accurate. They can polish MT content in a robust and thorough editing stage.

Are your LMS translation services high enough quality for
our business’s materials?

As reported in a verdict.co.uk piece titled: AI translation advances are now posing a risk to jobs, “Neural machine translation (NMT) technology has revolutionised translation in recent years, with the capabilities of AI-based translation rapidly improving and tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft investing in this area.”
Wondering why successful tech companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are making investments? The reason is that in recent years MT (machine translation) has improved rapidly and continues to break boundaries. A strong hybrid translation model has been developed. This produces excellent, high-quality results in a relatively short time-frame.
By combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence you can get inexpensive, fast results. The hybrid solution results in compelling and accurate translations for your business content!
You don’t have to just take our word for it though, send us a sample project to learn how powerful our machine translations services are first hand. We’ll show you!