Life Science Translation Services

Looking for a high-quality medical translation service?

Senior Medical Writer Level Translations

A lot of companies pay a large amount of money to hire Senior Medical Translators. We recommend that you don’t.

Save money and time instead. Hire us. We can provide you with Life Science professional medical translation services that have the same quality and a better price point than in-house options. Our translators specialize in life science translations.

They have all the necessary medical knowledge and skills to provide accurate and effective translations.

High-quality and accurate writing for less

When you need to translate complex technical information into a range of languages for product releases, accuracy is vital. We recognise that there’s no room for mistakes within the Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices industries.
A lot of companies try to protect their reputation and retain credibility by spending a huge amount of money on writing and translations. We agree that accuracy is fundamentally important. It’s especially important in an industry that is highly regulated and requires complete compliance. The only thing we don’t agree with is the cost.
High-quality life sciences writing and translation doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right translation supplier and procedures in place, it is possible to find scalable solutions that deliver the same outstanding results as an in-house team. There’s no need to hire a new writer or translator in-house if you opt for a company like us. We can help you on an ad hoc or ongoing basis to ensure you deliver outstanding and accurate life sciences writing in any

We offer comprehensive services

• Translations of patient records and histories
• Hospital sheets translations
• Discharge translations
• Clinical study translations
• Manual and/or hybrid translations for both short-form and long-form text
• Patent translations (essential for new devices)
• Medical product/medical device translations
• Equipment translations
• Scientific communications translations
Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can deliver valuable and efficient translations for your business.